Friday, April 1, 2016

Season Two: Episode 02 The Golden Chicken

Wikileaks: Is The Information Harmful?
In the Serial Podcast, "The Golden Chicken," it describes Wikileaks, which was an enormous leak of classified information to the public in 2010. In the podcast there is a brief summary of some of the classified information that was leaked like; missions, intercepted messages, information, and even videos. With that brief snippet of information that was being shown, I as a reader was curious to know what they meant or how they aided or were harmful to the people involved.
If you scroll down on the Serial Podcast page it has sources related to the Wikileaks page. The podcast is mainly about Bowe Bergdahl who was held captive by the Taliban. They have a link of pamphlet fliers to people surrounding the area and they said, "If you do not release the American will be hunted." (See picture below of the flier). The link to the picture on Serials Website gives the listener a sense of how far the U.S. was going to go to bring Bergdahl home.
There is also another related link that shows a map of Afghanistan to give a global perspective where many of the events in this podcast took place.
Serials podcast about the Wikileaks and Bergdahl was a investigative watchdog piece. Although I am not doing an investigative story, I definitely liked how they gave so much background in the related sources. I felt that when they did that, if definitely informed me as a reader. I also felt like I had a better understanding of the story. If at all possible, I want to incorporate some of similar styles into my profile article.

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